This is the standard barberpole.

The lenght is 40 inch.

This is including the inoxframe. Price: € 440,-


All prices are excluding


Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

For this small barbershop I specially made

a barberpole of only 20 inch!

The globes are silver colored.

The price is approx € 295,-


This barber was worried his barberpole would be stolen.

Especially for him I made a barberpole with a padlock.

The price of this barberpole is € 395,-


This barberpole is also available without padlock for the price of € 345,-

A square foot counter- barberpole.

Price is

€ 175,- excl. shippingcosts.

This is a unique counter- barberpole.

The price is

€ 175,- excl. shippingcosts.

This barberpole has a light which makes it a stunning lampshade!

It comes with the connector adaptable for your country.

The price is € 225,- excl. shippingcosts.